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About Me

An Empowered Woman With A Unique Vision

With over 15 years of experience in User Acquisition and Engagement. Areas of particular focus being panel recruitment, community building, market research and sample only provision. Having worked for Research Now and then Survey Sampling International (now Dynata), I decided to take the plunge back in 2013 and set up NEG Media Consulting, offering digital media planning and buying services for market research companies and advertising agencies.

I am passionate about culture and foreign languages and I can speak French, English, Spanish, German fairly confidently and Arabic and Hungarian (at a beginner level though, boy it’s hard).

I have always been exposed to and worked in an international environment. As such I understand cultural differences and I always keep that in mind to make sure that research projects are set up to appeal to a local audience!

I am a strong negotiator, media planner and buyer. I have been known to strike amazing deals – be it cost, performance and/or timelines - and deliver where others had failed!