Our Services

Panel Recruitment - Online Community Building

Experience and Expertise!
I specialisze in the recruitment of new members to online panels and bespoke community panels. I have been in the industry for 15 years now. Ability to recruit in niche and hard-to-reach profiles.
Quantitative or qualitative sample, I can help you with your requests!
It’s all About Contacts!
Thanks to my diverse and trusted global network of publishers, I can offer access to millions of consumers globally with various targeted options.
Quick Response and Action!
I understand Market Research terminology and can translate that into digital media planning and buying actions.
Depending on the markets and project specifications, I am usually able to launch panel recruitment campaigns within 24 hours!
I am Money Savvy!
My extensive experience and well-established network of publishers enable me to advise on a cost-effective budget, feasibility, and timeline necessary to make your project happen and complete on time!

River Sampling / Sample Only Projects

Looking for a sample for your surveys or some ongoing river samples? I’ve got you covered. Thanks to our longstanding partnerships with local and global sample providers as well as online community websites offering local rewards to their members, I can help you access the right respondents for your projects.

Consulting / Training

Want to build a panel but do not know where to start?
At NEG Media Consulting, I can provide a wide range of consulting services in regards to online community and panel building. This includes website design (look and feel), user experience, panel recruitment strategy, panel engagement. Real time campaign optimisation and KPIs definition to ensure that your panel or bespoke community provides the best user experience for your members, generates a high response or completion rate amongst your survey participants and within your ROAS and ROI.